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Real-time Marketplace

AnyWorkspace is an online real-time marketplace that connects workspace providers with clients who need temporary office and meeting spaces.

AnyWorkspace’s online booking platform offers short-term workspaces and meeting spaces to users who can search and book by the hour, daily and monthly. Users have the freedom to choose from a variety of spaces, locations and times they desire. All this can be done with just a simple click once you are signed in to the platform. It is free to use, delivers fast results and offers truly flexible terms.

Monetize Empty Space

For space providers and owners, AnyWorkspace offers an easy and efficient way to better manage space inventories. AnyWorkspace provides the perfect platform to help monetize empty offices, extra spaces, spare cubicles, and underutilized meeting rooms – helping increase revenue and offset fixed costs of spaces which would otherwise be wasted or left idle. It is easy to use and improves space efficiency by enabling better utilization of unused workspaces.