HONG KONGJan. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Sharing Economy International Inc. (“Sharing Economy” or “the Company”) (Nasdaq: SEII) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Inspirit Studio Limited (“Inspirit Studio”), has entered into a cooperation agreement with Asiabots Ltd. (“Asiabots”), for the joint development of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and O2O delivery services.

Asiabots has developed A.I. and machine learning business solutions for cross-regional business clients, including major retailers and consumer products companies, private companies and government organizations. Through its Chatbot engine, companies can provide online customer service via a chat robot, which can intelligently respond to customer inquiries by mimicking human conversation. Utilizing natural language processing (NLP) to understand the user’s intention and leveraging the power of machine learning and A.I., the chatbots can be trained to learn more about users and in turn to provide more personalized service. SEII plans to integrate this technology into its peer-to-peer community delivery service platform, BuddiGO, which allows users to outsource daily chores and mundane tasks to “Buddies” who can spare idle time to run errands. The Company expects to launch this new service in the second quarter of 2018.

“By working with Asiabots, we plan to implement smart delivery, a revolutionary model that perfectly integrates A.I. and O2O delivery services, and pioneer the Asia market,” said Kurt Tam, CEO of Inspirit Studio. “Rebranded from Anyway and backed by A.I. technology, BuddiGO will enter the age of the intelligent app. Thanks to our chatbots, our users will be able to simplify their ordering and service experience. Every recommendation, order and delivery can be driven by A.I. and millions of users and business clients will benefit from this advanced integration. Just as important, our freelancers’ income will rise dramatically in line with the growth of delivery demand. In addition to Asiabots’ A.I. support, BuddiGO is built upon the SEII blockchain transaction platform, where smart contracts and the advanced ledger system will establish BuddiGO as a secure personal business platform for everyone.  With these advanced technologies, BuddiGO will be a smart, secure, trusted and convenient solution.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Inspirit Studio. We firmly believe that solid customer service executed by artificial intelligence results in an unprecedented user experience,” said Thomas Wong, CEO and co-founder of Asiabots. “Supported by seven Asian languages in our Natural NLP roadmap, from consumer wish prediction to automating the order process, the integration with BuddiGO will provide a full-chained intelligent delivery solution across more than 10 countries or regions.”

“The SEII group continues to seek advanced technology partners to develop sharing economy solutions that make the experience of sharing and renting more convenient to our users,” said Parkson Yip, COO of SEII. “In addition to the effort we have put into our blockchain core transaction engine, the Sharing Blocks, we have also been exploring different methods to apply artificial intelligence technology to make our sharing apps more helpful. Joining together with experienced A.I. developers like Asiabots will strengthen our technical development in A.I. and machine learning.  We plan to further expand the use of A.I. in other platforms of the group, such as our workspace sharing businesses.”

About Sharing Economy International Inc. 

Sharing Economy International Inc. (Nasdaq: SEII) (formerly known as Cleantech Solutions International Inc. (“CLNT”)), through its affiliated companies, designs, manufactures and distributes a line of proprietary high and low temperature dyeing and finishing machinery to the textile industry.  The Company’s latest business initiatives are focused on targeting the technology and global sharing economy markets, by developing online platforms and rental business partnerships that will drive the global development of sharing through economical rental business models. Moreover, the Company is actively pursuing for the application of blockchain technologies in its existing and to-be-acquired businesses, better enabling the general public to realize the beauty of resource sharing.

About Asiabots Ltd.

Asiabots Ltd. (“Asiabots”) through its artificial intelligence and machine learning development experiences, provides AI solutions for regional business clients to optimize their operational efficiency and marketing capability.  Asiabots also provides data analysis solutions to help businesses to better make use of their customer and market data to improve their products and services.  Chatbot, an A.I. driven robotic chat engine, allows businesses to provide automatic A.I. robotic online customer services. For more information visit www.asiabots.com.

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